Dedicated lines haul

A&A Global inc has the mastery and experience to deal with your transportation needs. We provide a full service using our fleet of tractor trailers as well as third-party service providers nationwide. A&A Global is exceedingly effective transporter and we apply that our learning and skills helps your business and diminishing your expenses. Fulfilling you is our top need.

Why A&A Global Dedicated ?

Dedicated lines hauls were solely intended for clients that have scheduled distribution services that include regularly scheduled deliveries made on point A to point B or multiple locations on-demand. We have the ability and flexibility to provide any logistic needs for our clients.

 WE OFFER: your account representative 24/7

Tracking – Receive notices through your account rep.

Dedicated experts  – strengthening our carrier base and years of experience, we can help you distinguish the most cost proficient methods for moving your cargo.

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