Dedicated Line Hauls

A&A Global inc has the mastery and experience to deal with your transportation needs. We provide a full service using our fleet of tractor trailers as well as third-party service providers nationwide. A&A Global is exceedingly effective transporter and we apply that our learning and skills helps your business and diminishing your expenses. Fulfilling you is our top need.

Why A&A Global Dedicated ?

Dedicated lines hauls were solely intended for clients that have scheduled distribution services that include regularly scheduled deliveries made on point A to point B or multiple locations on-demand. We have the ability and flexibility to provide any logistic needs for our clients.

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Dedicated experts  – strengthening our carrier base and years of experience, we can help you distinguish the most cost proficient methods for moving your cargo.

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How Linehaul Can Benefit Your Company?

Since logistics companies rely on both in-house operations and owner-operator contributors, they have access to a large bank of trucks and drivers that operate a plethora of linehauls. That means they can accommodate the needs of many companies at the same time without slowing the supply chain. In addition, they facilitate and manage the scheduling, dispatching and tracking of every load. It’s a convenient and practical way for companies to get their products to market, especially for younger companies, or those experiencing a growth spurt.
Whether your company sends out five truckloads a week, or five a day, chances are, you will have times when demand changes. Perhaps a new competitor enters the market, diminishing demand for your product. Or, you develop an innovation that increases customer’s desire for your product. Either way, your logistics needs will adjust accordingly. With dedicated linehaul services, you have the ability to downscale, or up-size, the service at your leisure. You’ll also have access to flatbeds, refrigerated trucks, dry vans, or any combination.

Linehaul is route that is commonly traveled by trucking company. Some consider the term to be synonymous with shorthaul. As a general rule, shorthaul loads are transported within a 500 mile, or so, radius of the terminal. However, it is not unheard of for a driver to travel as much as 1,500 miles each way, spending a night away from home. It’s usually a point A to point B deal, but, on occasion, there may also be a point C involved. What’s more, options for full truckloads and less-than-full load consolidation are usually available.